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We are a young, yet experienced, company with a diverse group of employees. Learn more about our team by reading the stories below. If you´re interested in joining our team, see our open positions.

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”An opportunity to work with green energy”

Kristina Reutermo - Chief Operating Officer

Kristina Reutermo, Chief Operating Officer in Västerås: "An opportunity to work with green energy"

S&L Access Systems continue to grow with new talented people. Kristina Reutermo, Chief Operating Officer in Västerås, is one of them. With her broad experience in industrial technology at large companies, we can take one step forward towards the series production.

Hi, Kristina! What made you curios about S&L Access Systems?

- First of all, the product. For me it’s also an opportunity to work with green energy and be part of building something brand new. I have worked with industrial technology at large companies like Alfa Laval, Bombardier, Sandvik and Seco, but never with wind power.

What will you mainly contribute to the company?

– Building a close-knit team and set up an organization when it comes to quality, production, planning, purchase, environment, health, and safety. Until now, focus has been on product development and tests. Going forward, the focus will be on the entire sales and serial production process towards the end customer delivery.

So far, has it been as you expected?

- It has been even better! I have never worked at a company with soo much energy and competence. Everyone is highly focused and determined to deliver a product that will revolutionize the wind power industry. My nice, talented colleagues and our product makes the work fun.

What challenges do you have in your role right now?

- That we will have time to hire enough talented colleagues and find partners that can grow with us. The plan is to continue the recruitment process and grow by more than 50% on a yearly basis the next 3 years.

Finally, what do you do when you’re not working?

- I take care of our family horses and our dog. Since me and my family live on a small farm there’s always things to do. Besides that, we also go skiing and dive together. All four of us have dive certificate; I love that we have common interests in the family.

  • Kristina Reutermo – Chief Operating Officer
"It was too exciting to say no to this chance"

Jakob Fyhrman – Design Engineer Manager

Finding new employees with high competence, great drive and strong commitment has the highest priority for S&L Access Systems. Jakob Fyhrman, our new Design Engineer Manager in Västerås, is one of them. After 16 years as a Technical Project Manager at MacGregor, he has the experience required to start series production.

Hello, Jakob! What was the most appealing with the job?

“The new, unique product and the opportunity to be involved at an early stage. Developing a crane that can revolutionize the wind power industry feels incredibly cool. It was too exciting to say no to this chance!”

Has it so far been as you expected?

“Yes, I think so! It´s a lot of work, but fun tasks. My first impression is true; here work dedicated people who are passionate about our product. It´s an honor to be part of this team!”

What are the challenges?

“Going from prototype to series production in a short time is difficult and demanding. The big challenge is to gather all the experiences, both good and bad, and make adjustments that then result in a technical solution that works in practice.”

If you are going to introduce S&L Access Systems to a potential employee – what do you say then?

“This is a company with short decision paths and a common drive forward. If you have an idea, it´s usually just to drive on! Colleagues are nice and helpful.”

Finally, what do you do when you are not working on series production of a unique crane?

“With three children at home, the days are hectic. The family´s common hobbies are downhill skiing in the winter and boating in the summer. As soon as I have time, I am also in my workshop and tinkering with something; I just built an electric go-kart from scratch. As a child, I could not help but unscrew things to see how they were constructed, everything from alarm clocks to radios. Over time, I also learned to put things back together. With that said, it´s easy to understand why I studied Master of Science in mechanical engineering.

  • Jakob Fyhrman – Design Engineer Manager
”Here work committed, positive and talented people”

Jakob Raza – Design Engineer

Jakob Raza, one of our new designers in Västerås: "Here work committed, positive and talented people."

S&L Access Systems continues to grow! Since the turn of the year, we have strengthened the team with new, talented employees who want to be part of our exciting journey. One of them is Jakob Raza, designer at our new R&D Center in Västerås. His curiosity and fresh knowledge of technology and design will be a great asset!

Hello Jakob, and welcome to S&L Access Systems! Who are you?

"I am a cheerful and down-to-earth designer, who will soon say yes to my fiancée J. You could say that I have started a new chapter privately and in terms of work. When I’m not working or planning weddings, I love to exercise; I alternate running in the woods with strength training at the gym. Hiking is also close to my heart.

What attracted you to the job, and how will you contribute?

– That it’s a newly started, green tech company that is breaking new ground. I want to contribute with new ideas and solutions! I have a lot to learn from my colleagues, but mainly I think I come in with a new mindset in the company.

Has it been as you expected so far?

- Really! I like that it’s a company with short decision paths and an organization that really listens. Our product is fascinating! The challenges are many, and the way forward is not always straight, but it also makes it fun.

What are you looking forward to right now?

- Being out in the field and taking part in our testing at Örnsköldsvik. I hope to translate these experiences into innovative solutions for our product.

How do you convince future colleagues who are curious to get on board?

"Here work committed, positive and talented people who are passionate about our product. In a substantial advance, S&L Access Systems will fill a great need in a large international market!"

  • Jakob Raza – Design Engineer